Reformers ready their campaign

Advocate Capitol News Bureau
Published: Jul 8, 2007

The business and civic leaders behind Blueprint Louisiana will soon announce
their five-issue "reform" agenda just in time for fall elections.

Blueprint Louisiana will be asking candidates to sign on to legislation it
thinks would improve the state, then giving those that do its seal of
approval and election help, said Sean Reilly, an organizer.

"We are also hiring lobbyists and P.R. (public relations) folks who are very
in tune to the ways of the Legislature," said Reilly, a former state

Among those on board for the Blueprint Louisiana campaign are lobbyists
Randy Haynie and Jim Harris, said Reilly.

"That's not to exclude other people who will be helping us carry the ball
next year," said Reilly. "That's sort of the initial stable of folks."

"The only way to get this done is seeing it through the full cycle. It's got
to start this fall in the election cycle and you have to see it all the way
through the spring (2008) Legislature," said Reilly.